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Save Money by Combining Your CNS Services

At CNS, we know how important it is to save money, especially when you can save without sacrificing the services you want. With this in mind, we make it easy to save by combining our services. We now offer a variety of customizable service combinations that will give you all the great services you need and nothing you don't.  Please contact us for specific information about pricing and packages.


With plans that will fit any budget, CNS television offers the channels you want at a price you need. CNS Television gives you access to sports, music, premium channels, and a newly expanded HD lineup; and, as a CNS customer, you have access to ESPN3, which allows you to watch content over a variety of internet ready devices, including some internet-capable gaming consoles.

CNS television packages are built with the goal of being able to satisfy the needs of each member of your family without having to buy extra packages to get the channels you want. This makes choosing CNS television an easy decision.


With our increased Internet speeds, you can surf the Web at up to 110 Mbps (Megabits per second). When you combine these services with our CNS Television service, you can enjoy these great services at a savings of up to 33 percent! Call today to see how CNS can help you save!


CNS telephone service is not your typical Internet-based phone setup.  With a dedicated and secure network, your communications never leave the security of our network and are not exposed to any external networks for processing. When you combine this great service with you CNS Television and Internet services, you can save up to 40 percent!