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CNS Channel Line-Up Changes

CNS is committed to serving our customers, and that means listening to your feedback.  We are pleased to announce that due to the response from our subscribers, we will be adding C-SPAN back to our broadcast basic package later this summer.  Unfortunately, we do not have the bandwidth available in our analog system to accommodate the addition of C-SPAN until our digital migration is complete.  We hope to add the channel sometime during the month of July.  This site will be updated with a firm date for the launch of C-SPAN.  In the meantime, you can continue accessing C-SPAN programming via their website, www.c-span.org.

TV On My Side

TVonMySide.com is your source for up-to-date information and solutions about TV network disputes. This website is a collaborative effort of hundreds of local, independent Cable TV providers located throughout the country. By uniting our companies, we can work together to achieve more flexibility and better offerings for you at the lowest price possible.

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DTAs Needed for Some Cable Packages

CNS is transitioning from an analog signal to an all digital signal.  In order for our digital television signals to be properly displayed, each television will need to be connected to either a CNS television digital box or a digital transport adapter (DTA).  This affects customers with Super Basic cable packages or higher.  DTAs can be picked-up from your local CNS office.  For more informaiton about this process, please click here.