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With CNS, You Can Watch TV Everywhere!

As a CNS Television customer, you have access to a variety of your favorite networks through Watch TV Everywhere. If you subscribe to the network in your cable package, you can access free content through the WTVE service, giving you the ability to view some of your favorite shows, from anywhere, using most any web-capable device.  Read below to get started.  Already registered?  Click here.

CNS is continually working to bring even more networks to the lineup, so check back periodically to make sure you stay up to date on what’s available.

How Do I Get My Account Information for Registration?

CNS Television customers will need the account number that is printed on their monthly billing statement to register for the WTVE service.  Your login account number will consist of 18 characters comprised like the following sample: SOU140000000000000

The format of the account number is:

  • SOU14 - All account numbers for CNS will begin with this prefix for WTVE.
  • Your 3 digit city- code:
    • Thomasville CNS customers will use 001
    • Cairo CNS customers will use 034
    • Camilla, Pelham or Baconton CNS customers will use 044
    • Moultrie, Norman Park or Doerun CNS customers will use 055
  • 10 digit account number found on your billing statement (Ex. 0000000000)

Once you have all 18 digits for your account number, you can register for the WTVE service here.  Customer Service is happy to assist CNS subscribers with the registration process during normal business hours.  You may reach the Customer Care team at the numbers below:

  • Thomasville:  (229) 227-7001
  • Cairo:  (229) 307-0332
  • Baconton, Camilla or Pelham:  (229) 336-7856
  • Moultrie, Norman Park or Doerun:  (229) 985-5400


*WTVE services are only available to customers who subscribe to the network in their cable package.