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CNS Advertising offers commercial breaks on the most popular cable channels and is shown in eight (8) communities.  Advertising rates are low and most packages include many bonus ads to give you more bang for your advertising bucks!


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I don’t have a commercial.  Can CNS help?

Yes! The CNS production staff can help you develop a commercial that will literally drive customers to your door.  Our talented and innovative staff will work with you to be sure that the message you want to deliver to your customers is translated into a beautiful and professional 30 second commercial that you will be proud to have airing in our community!

Isn’t television advertising expensive?

CNS Advertising makes television commercial breaks affordable for every business. Whether your message is a seasonal campaign or a more in-depth branding effort, we can customize a package for you that truly delivers.  Let us know your marketing budget and we can design a package that fits your business needs. Plus, you will receive additional bonus commercials with your purchase.  

Why television advertising?

While there are many different types of media that can assist you with your advertising campaigns, only television can offer a truly dedicated advertising experience that has impact!  Consider these factors:

  • An audience that's easy to target by age, gender, geographic location, income level, interests, and combinations of these demographics.  Select the television programs your customers are watching!
  • Television advertising is a great bargain, reaching thousands of viewers with each airing for only a few dollars!
  • Your message will have screen dominance, with only your story.  No competitors lurking on the edges.
  • Everybody is watching! Despite what you may have heard, TV makes up the largest part of most people's day. Not the internet, not a smart phone.

Why CNS?

CNS Television is reaching your target audience -  over 20,000 households in an eight-community area.  Your 30 second commercial will be seen in Thomasville, Moultrie, Norman Park, Doerun, Cairo, Pelham, Camilla, and Baconton for one low price!

When you advertise on CNS, your commercial can appear on 28 different channels, including HD channels at no additional charge.  Get started with CNS advertising today!

For more information on CNS Advertising, please contact our sales office at (229) 227-4048.

Banner Advertising (Web)

Banner ads linked to your business website are available through CNS at extremely competitive rates. Our websites average thousands of visitors each day, making this a great value for your advertising dollars!  For more information, please contact (229) 227-3321 or click here.